Showcase! Auditions! Excitement!

Holy crap, has another school year started already?!

Rhythm and Jews is super excited to welcome everyone to campus (especially you, first years!) and encourages all of you to come to the UChicago A Cappella Showcase Concert ( on Monday, Oct. 1 at 9pm, featuring short performances by all seven of UChicago’s talented and beautiful a cappella groups. Rhythm and Jews will of course be there representing, and you can sign up to audition for us either at the Showcase or by contacting us directly at

Auditions (!!!) will be held Tues. Oct. 2 and Wed. Oct. 3 from 5-10pm. Check out our FAQ for all of your questions about auditions, and feel free to contact us if you still have questions or concerns.

We hope to see everyone there!Image


Beginning-of-Year Events!

Hey UChicagoans!

It’s less than one month until O-Week.  That means less than one month until new friends, new surroundings – and the first appearance of Rhythm and Jews!

Our beginning-of-year-events are as follows:

  • We will be tabling with the other a cappella groups on Thursday or Friday of O-Week – the exact date will be in the papers/booklets given to you at O-Week.  This will be your first opportunity to get to know us and sign up for auditions!
  • We will be performing with all of the other a cappella groups on Monday, October 1, at 9:00 PM in Hutchinson Commons in Reynolds Club!
  • We will be holding auditions on Tuesday, October 2, and Wednesday, October 3, from 5-10PM in Cobb!

I’m so excited for the year, you have no idea.

Welcome to Our New Website!

Our new website is finished, *except* for the information in our member bios.  These will be completely finished after the induction of our 2012 members.  In the meantime, please enjoy all of the new content, including the videos from our 2012 winter tour in northern California, which are uploaded onto our Youtube account.

Huzzah! – David

EDIT: Member pages are up, but I wanted that other post to be at the top, so the update is here.

Winter Quarter Begins

After our 1 week tour in the San Francisco area, and 2 weeks of winter break to rest our voices… WE’RE BACK!!! RnJ kicked off the year with the Winter A Cappella showcase, performing Lady Madonna and Judah Maccabee. We’re looking forward to a great winter, with lots of new songs and of course an upcoming Purim concert. There may not be snow, but you can bet there will be no shortage of singing Jews.

The Social Network

So, as some people may have noticed, we have a Facebook page now. For those of you who are or were group members, you may be confused. “Wait!” you say, “RnJ already has a facebook group, right?” And yes, it does, but now we also have a Facebook page – the kind you can like. And for those of you who are not members, we proudly proclaim: yeah, that’s right, a Facebook page, just for you, so that YOU – the boundlessly enthusiastic fan of Rhythm and Jews, can profess your undying love of our Sonorous Semetic Symphonies via the Social Network, for all to see and rejoice.

There’s a link on the right hand side of the site, but just in case it doesn’t show up, here’s another one. Because we care.

Rhythm and Jews Invades the Internet

After many years of living at our old address on the UChicago servers, RnJ has finally transitioned to a snazzy new website (i.e., the one you are reading right now). Along with this comes a whole host of new features (embedded movies! pictures! actual up-to-date content!) that make our new website a location almost as happening as the second temple in Jerusalem! As a side note, to readers not reading this ages hence: yes, all that snazzy new content is not actually up. But you can keep a secret, and I can keep a secret, and we’re just going to pretend that the site came into being fully formed like Matzoh out of an oven.

If you would like to see what the site used to look like, you can check it out with just a click of your mouse. That is, until we get the redirect code online and it becomes as empty as a tumbleweed farm. In the Sinai desert. Anyway, we’re looking forward to sharing this internet experience with you, our beloved fans (perhaps that shouldn’t be pluralized yet) so keep checking back here for more updates.