Leandra Trudeau, 2016

10860973_1030128027001449_7857548578909239281_oYear: 2016

Voice part: Soprano

Member since: 2013

Position(s) in group: Social Chair/Secretary

From: Cleveland, OH

Major: Environmental Studies and Public Policy

Solo(s): Valerie, Thrift Tag (Price Tag), Wonderwallstar (All Star)

Favorite animal: This question is too hard. Wolves, maybe?

Favorite food: Pierogies

Spirit animal: Sloth

Instruments played: Piano, saxophone

Choice superpower: Perfect pitch

Childhood Role Model: Shadow, from the movie Homeward Bound

Favorite Hebrew/Yiddish word: Chutzpah

Crazy conspiracy theory: Fake Paul McCartney; Erin won’t tell us her major because she actually just works for the FBI

When was the last time you ate a latke?: In December, on tour, about twice a day. I like them a latke (cringe).