Joshua Harris, 2016


Year: 3rd, class of 2016

Voice part: Tenor, VP

Member since: First year 2012

Position(s) in group: Shortstop, Assistant Music Director

Solo(s): Talk Yiddish, My Goyim Friends, Rov HaShaot

From: Saratoga, CA

Major: English and Theatre

Favorite song of all time: Today it’s Talking Heads “Road to Nowhere”. I hope that doesn’t say something…

Favorite book of all time: Huckleberry Finn or Slaughterhouse 5

Favorite animal: Nah

Favorite food: Sushi

Spirit animal: Overactive honey badger

Residence hall: Maclean

Instruments played: Guitar, piano, ukelele

What else do you do on campus?: Theatre, theatre…. theatre.

Choice superpower: Time shifter

Childhood role model: Robin Williams

Favorite Hebrew/Yiddish word: Shlecht.

Dogs or cats?: Rabbits

Are you left-handed or right-handed?: Right

Crazy conspiracy theory: Yes, I am.

When was the last time you ate a latke?: Hannukah?

Favorite National Monument: The Booming Prairie Chicken of Rothsay, MN