Here’s a video we enjoyed here at Rhythm and Jews this Passover.

We hope your Pesach was as memorable as ours were.



Fall quarter was a blast, and our tour of New Hampshire and Boston was spectacular! Winter quarter was amazing, and it included a trip to Kol HaOlam, the National Collegiate Jewish a cappella Competition ( While we didn’t place in the top three teams, we still had an amazing time making friends with other Jewish a cappella groups.

Spring quarter means we have graduating seniors, who will leave some mighty big shoes to fill. And with this comes elections. We’ll be announcing new officers shortly.

If you’re looking for an a cappella group to perform at your event, email us at


New Members and Tour

We’ve got new members!

Congratulations to Derek Chan, Ariella Kasmer-Jacobs, Aleezé Qadir, Lauren Saunders, and Leandra Trudeau for joining Rhythm and Jews! We’re so excited to get to know you! Your member pages will be up shortly, so stay tuned!


Speaking of getting to know you, we’re going on tour! Get ready, Boston and southern New Hampshire!

We’ll be cruising around town from December 14th through the 20th.

Looking for an a cappella group to perform at your event? E-mail us at!

Rhythm and Jews Presents: Jews' Clues!

Do any of you see a clue anywhere?




Oh! Look! There! On the event photo! *points* It’s a clue!! What could it mean!? Is Blue trying to tell us something?

*Blue nods*

Does Blue want to go to this a cappella concert?

*Blue nods*

Blue skidoo, we can too!

Rhythm and Jews spring concert!
Jews’ Clues

8 PM, May 26th
Performance Penthouse, Logan 9th floor
$4 Pre-sale / $6 at door
Tickets on sale 10-2 at Reynolds all week!

Rhythm and Jews presents: a Jewbilee!


What are YOUdoing this Purim? On February 23, 2013, your favorite Jewish a cappella group will be performing a selection of Hebrew and English tunes in celebration of this joyous holiday. Stop by for kosher snacks, beautiful harmonies, new arrangements, old favorites, and a dramatic retelling of the Purim story!

Tickets will be on sale from 11-2 on Monday/Wednesday in Reynolds, and 11-2 Tuesday/Thursday in Bartlett, as well as at the door!

Hope to see you there!

McCormick Lounge
February 23, 2013
Doors open at 8:30 PM

Rhythm and Jews is holding Mid-Year Auditions!

Hi all!  On Tuesday, January 8, Rhythm and Jews will be holding mid-year auditions!  We encourage everyone to audition, and we are especially looking for basses!  Please e-mail us to set up a time.

You can also check out Rhythm and Jews (and the other a cappella groups of the University of Chicago!) perform for free on Monday, January 7, at 8:30 PM in McCormick Lounge!  Here’s the Facebook event:

We hope to see you there!

Thank you, and Happy Holidays from Rhythm and Jews!

Hi, friends!  We at Rhythm and Jews would like to wish everyone joy and merriment this holiday season.  

Our members are all currently warm and happy in our respective homes, after a particularly exciting Winter Tour.  We would like to thank all of the awesome people on the east coast who’ve helped us and/or listened to our music.  It was a blast to perform for all of you.

Thanks again, and see you next time!

RnJ goes to DC and NYC!

This winter break, Rhythm and Jews will be travelling to Washington DC and New York City for our annual winter tour!  That’s right, we will be in Washington DC from December 15 to 18, and New York City from December 19 to 21.  If you would like a list of our appearances, or if you would like us to perform for your synagogue/school/etc., please e-mail us at!  We are all incredibly excited to perform for the east coast!Image

Garage Sale

Hello, friends!  Rhythm and Jews will be having a Garage Sale this Monday through Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, in Reynolds Club.  Come take a look at our unwanted treasures, while supporting the arts!

Facebook Event:

Showcase! Auditions! Excitement!

Holy crap, has another school year started already?!

Rhythm and Jews is super excited to welcome everyone to campus (especially you, first years!) and encourages all of you to come to the UChicago A Cappella Showcase Concert ( on Monday, Oct. 1 at 9pm, featuring short performances by all seven of UChicago’s talented and beautiful a cappella groups. Rhythm and Jews will of course be there representing, and you can sign up to audition for us either at the Showcase or by contacting us directly at

Auditions (!!!) will be held Tues. Oct. 2 and Wed. Oct. 3 from 5-10pm. Check out our FAQ for all of your questions about auditions, and feel free to contact us if you still have questions or concerns.

We hope to see everyone there!Image