Tour in St. Louis!

This year, RnJ changed it up a bit and had tour during spring break instead of winter. We had the amazing privilege of spending the week in St. Louis, graciously hosted by our member Ruth and her family. Throughout the week, we had some really productive rehearsals, amazing gigs, and relaxing sightseeing opportunities!

We kicked off tour bright and early by performing for the local Kol Rinah congregation – peep Graham enjoying Kiddush at the kids’ table


We also loved working with a couple choirs at Clayton High School,  and singing for Saul Mirowitz Day School and the Covenant Place community, and we had a lovely performance at the Daniel Boone Library.

With a couple days off from gigs, RnJ got hard to work on some new arrangements (keep an ear out for new tunes that we’ll be debuting by the end of the quarter), and we took some time to relax and watch some movies – 12/10 would recommend Coco and The Disaster Artist!









Of course, we had to explore a city as awesome as St. Louis! We loved climbing around and almost getting stuck in the City Museum


28944959_10216308381450718_1175985251_o.jpg    29387037_351363595375834_3574306229368913920_o.jpg

And we even ambitiously decided to bring the UChicago tradition of the Arch sing to the greatest arch of them all:


And we had an exciting (albeit blurry time) 630 feet in the air!


We also got to bring the arch sing to Washington University when we sang with their Jewish a cappella group, Staam! Check out this clip of us singing the universal Jewish a cappella group standard, Nachamu.

While we had a great time in St. Louis, we are so glad to be back in Chicago, and we have a bunch of exciting things planned for this quarter – keep an eye out for our upcoming gigs. We’ll also begin recording some songs in anticipation of a new album that we’re looking to release next year, so Rhythm & Jews definitely has a full quarter ahead!

29388897_351865435325650_1805751353868288000_o.jpg     29468859_351865445325649_1362744723034341376_o.jpg



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