Rhythm and Jews Invades the Internet

After many years of living at our old address on the UChicago servers, RnJ has finally transitioned to a snazzy new website (i.e., the one you are reading right now). Along with this comes a whole host of new features (embedded movies! pictures! actual up-to-date content!) that make our new website a location almost as happening as the second temple in Jerusalem! As a side note, to readers not reading this ages hence: yes, all that snazzy new content is not actually up. But you can keep a secret, and I can keep a secret, and we’re just going to pretend that the site came into being fully formed like Matzoh out of an oven.

If you would like to see what the site used to look like, you can check it out with just a click of your mouse. That is, until we get the redirect code online and it becomes as empty as a tumbleweed farm. In the Sinai desert. Anyway, we’re looking forward to sharing this internet experience with you, our beloved fans (perhaps that shouldn’t be pluralized yet) so keep checking back here for more updates.


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